Clearly I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I used to. I’ve got a lot going on, I have to start thinking about college, yay (sarcasm) and I’ve just became overall bored with this blog.

I know some of you really enjoy Blur Confessions so If you guys really still want this to continue, I’ve decided to give it up to a fellow Blur fan on Tumblr of my choice who seems like they can be an even better admin than me, which I’m sure many of you can, instead of leaving it to die. 

Anyone who is willing to accept the task, send me a message here. Tell me a little about yourself or why you want this blog. If you have any ideas on how you’re going to change it up or whatever you wanna do to it, include those too. You don’t have to change it though. I want to give this blog to someone creative that can make it better and try to continue it on a regular basis. Any questions feel free to ask.

If I pick you, I will give you the email and password (unless there’s a better way to do it idk let me know) and you will be free to change Blur Confessions however you want. Just please don’t destroy it. If you really must change either email or password I would still like to know what you change it to. ((I won’t do anything, I just want to check in from time to time for nostalgic purposes))

slutvvave asked:
could you please post the picture of Damon on 776? frick dang heckle boing

likearedhotvirgin asked:
can you pleaaaaase upload the pic from #773?thank u c:


grahumcoxon asked:
follow back please :-)

Sure, I’ll follow you.

Anonymous asked:
can I have the link to confession 96? or the picture with the confession on please?

Np, all I gotta do is type in 96 in my computer and there it is! You gotta go through pages and pages……. :p


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